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Analog Bits and TSMC -

N3P & N5A

Analog Bits' early partnership with TSMC in N3E, N3P, N3A, and N5 process nodes continues with an automotive version of TSMC N5A, including our new High Accuracy Sensor. 

Our ability to work with TSMC in advanced processes is a tremendous differentiating value that Analog Bits adds to your designs. We have supported numerous designs well before your design start, ensuring you a proven IP that has been carefully crafted for optimal power, performance and area.


See Our N5A Process Video

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Benefits of this advanced node collaboration

  •  Largest Portfolio of Analog Foundation IP in Clocking, Sensor and IO’s
    • New Differentiated IP’s
      • Clocking – Pinless Integer/FracN PLL, 20GHZ C2C PLL, PCIe5 Ref Clock LC PLL
      • Sensors – Power Supply Glitch Detectors, Pinless and Clockless PVT Sensor
      • IO’s – C2C for chiplets, differential clock buffers and Xtal OSC Pads
  • Silicon Proven Analog Foundation IP’s in N5
  • Silicon Proven SERDES PCIe/Ethernet
  • Automotive Grade N5 IP Taped Out

Some new and novelty IP’s we have in N5

  • Clocking – Pinless/core voltage powered PLL, C2C PLL, Ref Clock PLL’s
  • Sensor – High Accuracy Sensor, Pinless/core voltage PVT Sensor, System Power Detector
  • IO’s – C2C IO’s, Differential clock drivers and receivers, Low Noise Crystal Oscillators, etc
  • SERDES – PCIe Gen4/Ethernet SERDES that will be made available for automotive class SoC’s

New and Upcoming IP’s we have in N3E

  • Clocking - Wide range/core powered PLL's
  • Sensors - Droop/Glitch Detectors, Xtal oscillator, Power-On Reset, Bandgap, LDO
  • I/O - Differential Clock Receiver/Output Buffer, C2C IO

Product Datasheets for TSMC - N3P & N5A


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We trust you will find our product datasheets helpful. Please feel free to contact us for your SoC IP needs.

We look forward to being your N3P & N5A IP Partner.

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