Billions of IP in Silicon


Lowest power, PCIe Gen 3/4/5 class Serdes customizable to your unique requirements

Silicon taped out in 8nm, 7nm, and 5nm, Analog Bits offers 32Gbps multi-protocol, enterprise class PCIe Gen 4/5 Serdes from which we can customize for your particular market requirements.

  • Half power SERDES compared to competing alternatives
  • Smallest die area
  • Multiprotocol: PCIe, SAS, SATA, HMC, USB…
  • Lowest latency for chip-to-chip communications
  • Supports multiple date rates with UNLIMITED LANE COUNT
  • Flexible placement: Can be located anywhere on the SOC


SOC Applications:

Analog Bits SOC IMG - FPGA
Analog Bits SOC IMG - Consumer Cables
Consumer Cables
Analog Bits SOC IMG - Mobile Computing
Mobile Computing
Analog Bits SOC IMG - SSD
Analog Bits SOC IMG - Flat Panel Display
Flat Panel Display
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