Billions of IP in Silicon


QA Engineer

Job Description:

  • QA and verification of SERDES and PLLs and PVT sensors IP Products
  • Understand release procedures and perform QA Checklist of IP Products including scripting for automation
  • Verify performance and function using simulations, at the logic and transistor levels.
  • Creating Verilog, .lib and LEF views for PLL, SENSOR, SERDES, IO’s and supporting customer integration
  • Performing GDSII checking for highest quality and consistency of all design views for final release to customers
  • Maintaining customer release folders and archives, and foundry technology documents
  • Debugging customer reported usage and integration issues including providing detailed analysis documentation
  • Supporting pre-sales activities by providing technical support and customized documentation
  • Writing automation scripts using Python for QA Verification
  • Perform lab characterization of PLL and Sensor IP Products
  • Support customers' engineering groups.
  • Support and report to internal engineering groups.
  • Use of EDA tools including Mentor S-Edit, AFS, Synopsys FineSim, HSPICE, Apache Totem, Keysight AMI
  • Creating SERDES AMI models and performing simulations with numerous protocols including PCIe G3/4, HMC, SAS3/4, USB, and SATA for SERDES architecture validation.

BS or MS in Electrical Engineering for entry level. Must have good written and oral communication skills and ability to work independently.

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