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Senior Mask Designer

Job Duties:

  • Work under the supervision of senior circuit designers to implement GDSII versions of schematics
  • Perform block level floorplanning, understanding of design rules, device matching, minimization of parasitic, isolation techniques, etc
  • Work with foundry technology data to implement custom CMOS elements such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc
  • Perform physical layout verification using industry standard DRC/LVS tools
  • Perform RC extractions on blocks and perform timely modifications and provide active feedback to circuit designers on micro-routing, impact on floorplan for modifications, etc
  • Collaborate with other members of layout team to assist in product tape-outs, etc


Job Requirements:

The successful candidate will have a good understanding of CMOS layout techniques, be highly motivated, and be quick to adopt new technologies. The individual will work as part of a physical design team and closely with layout manager & layout project lead. Good interpersonal, time management and communication skills are critical for working with circuit engineering and product development groups. The successful candidate will have the ability to multi-task ensuring timely completion of several complex independent tasks.

  • 3+ years Mixed Signal/RF/Analog Layout Experience with Gigahertz class circuits
  • Experience with 65nm, 40nm or 28nm TSMC processes
  • Experience in Calibre DRC/LVS verification tools and RC extraction tools
  • Should be able to debug DRC/LVS independently
  • Experience with Tanner tools a plus
  • Knowledge of PLL and I/O layout circuits, ESD layout circuits a plus
  • Knowledge of memory layout circuits a plus

Job Site:
Analog Bits, Inc., 945 Stewart Drive, Suite 250, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Full-time (40 hours per week)

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