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SerDes Macro for Consumer Cable Applications

The Analog Bits SERDES provides a unique capability of signaling at multiple data rates under very low power, a combination suited for consumer cable applications. The pin-configurable macro uses standard logic process devices and exhibits exceptional input sensitivity, input jitter tolerance, sophisticated equalization, and low retimed jitter transfer.

  • Reduces System BOM
  • Reduces Power
  • Reduces Package Costs
  • Customizable to Your Needs
10.3125G Eye Diagram in Consumer Cable Implementation
From the Integrated Clocking & Interface IP Leader
  • Industry’s lowest power enabling cable plug resident SERDES modules
  • Inherently low noise design enabling wire-bond packages
  • Operates at frequencies from 125 Mb/s up to 12.5 Gb/s
  • 0.095mm2  active silicon area per lane
  • Uses standard CMOS logic process devices
  • Exceptional input sensitivity
  • High jitter tolerance
  • Sophisticated equalization
  • Low retimed jitter transfer
  • Low pin count
  • Serial client interfaces
(View the Cable SERDES Product Brief PDF)

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